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Rotating Bridge Scrapers

While removing sludge masses and upstream foam to the lower part of roundabout settling tanks half bridge scrappers are utilized in both primer and final stages. It is also useful for removing the layers of oil formed on the surface. The speed of rotating bridge scrapers is usually between 2-8 cm per second. Their reducer speeds and motor outputs should be set up carefully.

Main Architect

A central bearing, a bridge, scrapers, scraper pallets, and a drive group are the main parts of rotating half bridge scrapers. Ball bearings are found in the center bearing. Therefore it can hold a wide variety of static and dynamic loads.

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Types of Rotary Bridge Scrappers

V-shape sluices, degreasing scraper, steingel structure and deflector structure are the types of our rotary bridle scraper tools. Their structure changes depending on the diameter or the radius of the tanks.

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