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Industrial Wastewater Treatment

Industrial wastewater resulted from the product of industrial operations. Various wastewater flow amounts and characteristics are found in industrial factories, depending on the manufacturing facilities. Because the majority of plants have different pollutant characteristics, industrial wastewater treatment plants must be designed according to custom parameters.

Flow Differences

Depending on the form of industrial methods used to produce the wastewater, industrial wastewater treatment plants may have a different flow and pollutant load than domestic wastewater treatment plants. Physical, mechanical, and biological control systems might be needed based on the pollutant and flow differences.

Water’ is the ‘Life’ itself…

Therefore Wastewater Recycling is a vital process for sustainable ecosystems.

Other Solutions

Here is the list of our main wastewater treatment solutions. You can visit our WWTP Solutions page to view even more.

Sewage Treatment

The method of separating pollutants from drainage and domestic sewage water is known as sewage treatment.

Biological Treatment

Since this treatment requires microorganisms, it is distinct than that of physical or chemical threatments. There are two types of biological treatment systems.