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Rapid (Flash) Mixer

After coagulation, the test of flocculation is taken. It is a chemical polyelectrolyte that is used for flocculation which is mixed with the wastewater using a slow mixer. The structure of compound treatment depends on the measurements of flocculation tanks. Decontamination is directly influenced by boundaries such as blender rpm and tank length.


Coagulation is utilized to isolate broke up and suspended colloids from the water. Technique for this interaction, colloids, which has little sizes, make greater their sizes and afterward these colloids can dregs in the tank.

Working Principle

Engine yields and reducer paces of rapid mixers are chosen by their expected usage. Their sharp edge measurements and edge lengths are resolved/scaled by the size of the tanks they are designed for.

Product Images

Rapid Mixer

Rapid mixers are framed of an engine, reducer, coupler, shaft, and vanes/propellers. Unlike slow mixer the reducer speed of flash mixer is high.

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