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Horizontal Aerator

In oxidation ditches and aerated lagoons, horizontal aerators are often used. In aeration ponds, it can provide water flow. The main shaft mixes and aerates drainage using stainless blades.

A vertical flow of water is produced as the rotor rotates, and the water is aerated. A number of single rotors with one drive motor, or a multiple rotor unit with one drive unit, may be used depending on the plant’s needs.

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Reproduce, Recycle, Reuse

With a flexible approach to supply oxygen and air to the wastewater; diffuser based aspirating equipment solutions allow us to offer a dynamic project that you can build, own and operate. The main advantages of the aerators are energy consumption, domestic production options, ease of operation and maintenance. Default montage options are either floating or fixed. Submersible, aeromix surface and self aspirating aerators included in custom options.

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