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Primary Treatment

Our environmental commitment extends beyond the design of our goods to incorporate cutting-edge industrial technology that helps the world while conserving natural resources.

Centrifugal Decanter

Instead of filter presses and belt presses, centrifugal decanters are used as sludge dewatering units in urban and industrial wastewater treatment plants.

Belt Press

Belt presses are commonly used in sludge dewatering units for the drainage of surplus active sludge in domestic wastewater treatment plants’ biological aeration units.

Sludge Thickener

The primary stage in reducing the sludge volume is thickening. When the thin sludge is condensed, thick sludge is formed.

Horizontal Aerator

In oxidation ditches and aerated lagoons, horizontal aerators are often used. In aeration ponds, it can provide water flow.

Activated Carbon Filter

The porous holes found on the chemical surface, seperated from the water by the coconut-based activated carbon filters.

Surface Aerator

Surface aerator equipment is a form of aerator that is used to add oxygen to wastewater in the aeration ponds of the activated sludge process.

Aspirating Aerator

This surface type aerator generally used in aerobic activated sludge units to supply oxygen to wastewater instead of blower-diffuser system.