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Our Policies, Principles, Business Intelligence

According to our principles, which are aiming for generalizing reliable business intelligence is based on three pillars namely being lawful, being environmental, and technical and commercial robustness. Furthermore, in order to ensure trustworthy business intelligence these three components must coexist and work together with fastness, accessibility, fidelity and security.

The other fundamental advantages of working with us are brand augmentation, global reach of markets and side-industries, B2B leads, distribution network, custom-unique projects, industrial events, analytics and reports.


Faster solutions is usually works better. To be able to reach on time delivers we focus on reasons rather than how to’s.


Especially for the further stages of custom-products being accessible is one of the main aim of our company.


 Fidelity is our valuable principle that provides those of the customers and partners or other business vectors to work together.


 As the technology develops importance of secure systems and work safety increases day by day. We are aware of these both in cyber and physical.

Clean Water-Life-Cycle

No matter the volume or the weight. We are accompanying for your project management of wastewater treatment plants from feasibility to final stages. Ahiberg fixes water pollution issues with the “process solution”, which enables companies, factories or institutions to own their wastewater treatment processes and execute them — as well as build real-time development charts, monitor compliance with standards and live this clean-water-life cycle.

Are you a manufacturer, a distributor or a buyer? Feel free to contact us.

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About Ahiberg

Ahiberg Wastewater Treatment Company was founded by a group of engineers and scientists who specialized in domestic and industrial wastewater treatment plants.


Details of our sewage treatment plants are listed below you can contact us for more detailed list.