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Sludge Thickening

The primary stage in reducing the sludge volume is thickening. When the thin sludge is condensed, thick sludge is formed. The viscosity of dense sludge is greater, however it should likewise be pumpable. The suspended solids content of the thickened sludge to be pumped to the dewatering machine (centrifugal decanter, belt press, or filter press) would be higher.

Thickener Mechanism

Each thickener mechanism must be delivered with all components and attachments required for proper installation, function, and maintenance, and the construction materials must be appropriate for the intended use. In order to equipment’s proper operation the main necessary accesories are water and sludge pipes with fittings, electrical and instruments cables.

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Effective Ahiberg Machines

We manufacture various kinds of highly effective Ahiberg machines for sludge thickening. These machines are all made of stainless steel and can be optimized by their design, size and capacity. We have after sale services and support for all of our products.

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