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Sand Filter

Sand filter is one of the main wastewater treatment equipment that helps to capture suspended solids (SS) from the sewer water. It aids in the prevention of bacterial or suspended solids spills that can occur during wastewater treatment.

Compressed Siphons

Anthracite may likewise be applied to sand filters that work on the idea of compressed siphons moving water through silica layers (quartz) in various particle sizes measures, a process known as multi-media.

Dynamic Mechatronics

Suspended solids on the tank surface clog the sand filter and prevent water filtration over time. During this stuation the filtration pumps are turned off and the backwash pumps are turned on. Therefore, strong particles that collect on the surface are excluded from the environment.

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Advantages of Unique Sand Filter

Sand filtration valves with unique configurations may be used as an automatic, manual (butterfly valve or ball valve), or 6-way valve. Pneumatic or electric actuators might be utilized to design automatic valves. With time or pressing factor changes, the programmed valve instrument is projected.

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