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Drum Screen

Rotary drum screen is a gadget used to keep fine particles from inlet wastewater to harming mechanical gear. There are two sorts of drum strainer as inside flow and remotely flow.

The wastewater goes into the drum screen at the internal stream. The impact of turning the winding in the drum makes the squanders stream out from the opposite side, while the treated wastewater from the inlet wastewater is gathered under the drum and gathered from the container.

Usage Areas

Rotary drum screen is applied particularly in modern wastewater treatment plants; material, agriculture, paper, slaughterhouse, food and cement. In addition to these it used for recycling wastewater treatment plants. The drum screen equipment we produce is made from hardened steel strainer bars called wedge wire slots. The skeleton some portion of the hardware is made of carbon steel or AISI 304 tempered steel.

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Advantages of Drum Screen

Low energy utilization. Its content is non-impeding wedge wire space screen content. Setup and dispatching processes are quick. Simple administration, maintenance and service

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